The blog I may or may not commit to.

by jabrigistand

Not a lot of time went into thinking about this thing. It was enough for me I think, but I suspect that others may have sat on it a little longer than I have. After reading a fantastic book called Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter by Tom Bissell, I began thinking back to my life as a gamer (basically all of my life), the emotions I felt when I played games I loved and did not love (which range from childish anger to life-affirming sadness to pure and utter joy), the conversations I had (and continue to have) with friends and fellow gamers, and, among a number of other things, the fact that I’ve been interested in starting a blog for a while now but that I’ve never really been disciplined enough to go about it. Really, the fact that I’m writing this (and might very well, post it!) is somewhat amazing to me. 

I have a few games in mind that I’d like to write about. Hopefully I’ll get to those soon.